Boeing 747-200F



for X-Plane 9.55+

In 1970 when it entered service, the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet was the largest commercial airpliner ever built. No wonder the airlines quickly saw the potential of a cargo version.

73 747-200Fs were produced as new aircraft until 1991 when the -400F replaced it.

This x-plane reproduces the -200F in three variants with different engines and weight specifications covering the range of freighters produced during the production run.

Evergreen International AIrways introduced a firefighting variant of the 747, the supertanker. This is capable of carrying 20,000 gallons of water or fire retardant and ejecting it under pressure through four nozzles which extend from the lower rear fuselage. All modeled in X-Plane.

Manual for the 747-200F available here (PDF)

747 turning - movie of a previous version

Boeing Commercial Airplane Company

Aircraft and airlines modeled:

B747-200F Classic Freighters and Evergreen Supertanker

Aircraft modeled:

747-200F             MTOW (775,000 lb)  JT9D (48,570 lb st); 
                            Cargolux, JAL super logistics, Polar Air Cargo
747-200F             MTOW (802,000 lb)  RB211 (51,600 lb st); 
                            Cathay Pacific
747-200F             MTOW (838,000 lb)  CF6 (56,750 lb st); 
                            Alitalia, Atlas Air, Air France

Evergreen Supertankers:

747-132(SF)       MTOW (738,000 lb) JT9D (50,000 lb st); 
                            N479EV Evergreen International, "979"
747-230B(SF)     MTOW (838,000 lb) CF6 (56,750 lb st); 
                            N488EV  Evergreen International
747-273C            MTOW (775,000 lb) JT9D (54,750 lb st); 
                            N470EV   Evergreen International, "947"

high frame rates
3D objects for fuselage, wings, engines, gear.
gear retracts and extends as it should, 
correct sequencing of all the gear doors.
main wing gear pivots on takeoff or landing
main body gear bogies steer with nose gear
engines with thrust reverser cowl movement
engines with front fan rotations
engines glow hot from the core (visible from rear esp. at night)
APU intake door closes when APU is off
opening nose cargo door
opening side cargo door (left SCD)
opening lower cargo doors (2, right side)
flaps and slats move properly for given flap settings
tripple slotted fowler flaps realistically modelled
spoilers extend correctly for speedbrake or roll control
custom landing lights (4) independently controlled
many custom built instruments on the 2D panel including control surface position indicator, HSI, autopilot glareshield panel with rotary indicators, flap position indicator, ADI,  trim, speedbrake, throttle and flap controls. 
Supertanker 747-132(SF) has round dial engine instruments, all others have CRT displays for engines.  
All Supertankers can carry fuel retardant which can be jettisoned to extinguish forest fires in X-Plane.
All Supertankers have water/retardant tanks modeled internally, with retractable nozzles.                                   
simplified 3D cockpit only
flying characteristics as per real flight manual


747-200 CF6 x2
Added empennage object
fixed main wing gear bogies so they don't go underground
Fixed 'decision height set' digital readout on radio altimeter
added 8 more animations to 16 new objects just to add hinges to the leading edge flaps
improved the normal map (remember to turn on 'per pixel lighting' in rendering options
added new cargo containers as weapons so add or remove them through 'ordnance' tab of aircraft weight (now have 8 x LD29 (7,000 lb) in lower cargo bays and  8 x M1 (15,000 lb) and 4 x LD-3 (3,500 lb) on main deck)

747-200 CF6 flex

747-200F MTOW (838,000 lb)  CF6 (56,750 lb st); Alitalia, Atlas Air, Air France, Cargolux, JAL super logistics, Polar Air Cargo, Cathay Pacific

WIng flex according to G force and aerodynamic loading (flex models only)
Paint normal map (three window upper deck)
gear damping toned down a notch
modeled cargo containers and pallets (LD-3, LD-7 and P-9; which weigh 3,500 lb, 13,300 lb and 7000 lb respectively) as weapons


Evergreen Supertankers (3)

liveries and engines

custom cockpit