Includes Air France Eurowhite, Retro and PEPSI, British Airways Chatham Dockyard, Union Jack, Landor and Singapore Airlines.

Each aircraft file is customised for its particular paint scheme.

Liveries used by AIr France or British AIrways

Concorde_864_2AF EUROWHITE

AIr France livery. Circa 1990s. The Concorde represented is airframe number 203 originally registered F-WTSC but then changed to F-BTSC. First flight 31 January 1975 she had flown 11,989 hours before being lost in an accident at Paris Charles de Gaulle 25 July 2000.




Concorde_864_2BA CHATHAM

British Airways "Chatham Dockyard" livery. Circa 1990s. The Concorde represented is airframe number 204 registered G-BOAC . First flight 27 February 1975 she had flown 22,260 hours before retiring to Manchester Airport visitors centre on 31 October 2003.




Concorde_864_2BA LANDOR

British Airways livery. Circa 1980s. The Concorde represented is airframe number 206 registered G-BOAA. First flight 5 November 1975 she had flown 22,769 hours before retiring to Scottish Museum of Flight, East Fortune on 12 August 2000.




Concorde_864_2BA UNION

British Airways "Union Jack" livery. Circa 1970s. The Concorde represented is airframe number 210 registered G-BOAD. First flight 25 August 1976 she had flown 23,397 ours before retiring to Intrepid AIr and Space Museum, New York.





Concorde_864_2BA SINGAPORE

British Airways livery on the starboard side, singapore airlines on the port. CIrca 1970s. This was done as part of a deal whereby BA Concordes were flown to SIngapore via Bahrain. The Concorde represented is athe same as above, re-registered G-N94AD. It also flew internal flights in the USA for which it was registered N94AD, the G- being removed when it reached the US. Crews from Braniff often flew the aircraft, though qualified to fly supersonic, they had to remain subsonic . Other Concordes flew with this arrangement, the last two letters of their registration giving away their true identity.

Concorde_864_2AF RETRO

Air France livery. Circa 1970s. The Concorde represented is airframe number 205 registered F_BVFA. First flight 27 October 1975 she had flown 17,824 hours before retiring to Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Dulles Airport, Washington DC on 12 June 2003.



Concorde_864_2AF PEPSI

Air France special livery. The Concorde represented is airframe number 213 registered F-BTSD. First flight 26 June 1978 she had flown 12,974 hours before retiring to Musee de l'Air, Le Bourget, Paris on 14 June 2003. Concorde flew 16 flights in the Pepsi scheme in which it was advised to remain at Mach 2.02 for no more than 20 min. for fear of burning off the paint. There was no restriction at speeds under Mach 1.7. The blue paint scheme was first revealed to the public in 1996 and so painted, Concorde flew to 10 cities in Europe and the middle east on a promotional tour.


A zip file containing all the above seven liveries plus customised aircraft files for each.