X-Plane 9.22

A highly detailed, extremely accurate representation of the only successful supersonic passenger airliner in the world.

Modeled objects include a virtual cockpit, the passenger cabin (all windows modelled) and all external visuals.

Animations include the nose and visor, 7 fuselage doors and various engine nacelle functions.

Also includes Concorde for X-Plane 8.64.

A manual in pdf format can be downloaded here.
This includes extensive checklists which may be used for general procedures.

Aerospatiale - British Aircraft Corporation


FEATURES FOR Concorde_922

DImensional accuracy
Objects used to model fuselage, wings, elevons, fin, rudders, engines, landing gear and all actuators
922 model now includes real (hollow) windows and a full passenger cabin in both the outside and interior models
Performance as specified in the real Concorde flight manual
Authentic 2D and 3D instrument panel
Instrument panel enhanced by over 40 new generic instruments for a more accurate representation of instrument displays and function (include radar altimeter, course deviation display, engine status lights, sideslip indicator, control surface position indicator with individual surface movement, True airspeed, nozzle area, warning lights, moving limits on Machmeter and CG indicator) VMO and MMO are accurately represented on the ASI and machmeter needles. TMO warning light on ASI. Systems inclusing batteries, inverters, generators, igniters and fuel pumps now operational. Datum adjust panel includes instruments to make small changes to speed, pitch and roll while autopilot is engaged. CG limit indicators now accurate to real Concorde limits and move with airspeed.
Sliders control landing light extensions, passenger door movement. 7 fuselage door animations.
New panel-2,-3,-4 layers for enhanced interior lighting effects
Authentic 3D cockpit interior
Independently moving nose and visor (each an object) with transparent windows 
Visor translates into the nose and then moves with it, as it should
Visor (and its movement) is visible in both 2D and 3D cockpit views 
Night (LIT) textures illuminate the cockpit and cabin interiors. Views of the cockpit and cabin windows therefore change with the viewpoint
Landing gear objects whith water spray deflectors retract correctly
Main landing gear bogies pivot on ground contact. Wheels stay in contact despite aircraft pitch attitude
Three-dimensional landing gear bays
Correctly positioned landing, taxi, land/taxi, strobe and navigation lights
Retractable landing lights (4) individually controlled
Landing lights (4) illumination individually controlled
land/taxi lights (2) with two levels of illumination as they should (low for taxi, high for landing)
WIndscreen wipers also animated 
Rotating Engine fan discs
Inlet ramps ( 1 pair in each inlet) close as Mach number increases
Engine nozzles open from 21 degrees to full as mach number increases animated in external views
Engine nozzles act as clamshell thrust reverser buckets on selection of reverse thrust animated in external views.
Engine spill doors open when engine thrust is lost 
Engine auxiliary inlet doors open (currently when the viasor is lowered)
Engine aux. doors incorporated (and move with) spill doors 
Engine reheat (afterburner) effect is object-enhanced 
Goodway compatible.