In service today as the Rockwell (Boeing) B-1B Lancer,  (or BONE from B-one) is a large swing-wing strategic bomber with its origins in a lighter, faster aircraft, the B-1A.

Two prototypes of the B-1A (B-1A, B-1A airframe 4) and the B-1B Lancer are modeled for the x-plane flight simulator.

All reproduced for X-Plane 9.22

A single download gives you:


B-1A #4


with a total of eight different liveries.


Rockwell International

Download FREE from x-plane.org.
An accurate representation of the original B-1. The B-1A Mach 2.00 supersonic nuclear bomber and B-1B as in service today.
Produced using the REAL flight manual (B-1A). 
Individually controlled, opening bomb-bay doors reveal 3D bomb bays with custom weapons.

Wings, flaps, spoilers and slats are modeled objects. 
Animated refueling receptacle and boarding door with ladder.
Only X-Planes instrument panel representative of the 70s style tape instruments which are both fully functional and work in the correct sense.
3D cockpit interior pilot figures with thanks to MK4 ejection seat team.
3D wheel bays with customised landing gear.

Animated engine nozzles (open at low thrust, closed at high thrust, open again with afterburner) and inlets (ramps move with Mach and side panels move with gear).

Flight manual in pdf format (26 pages) with description and operation of aircraft and instruments, following the format of the real flight manual.
Rockwell International Corporation B-1 prototype supersonic nuclear bomber, retrospectively designated B-1A and B-1B in service today. 

Extensively researched including use of the real B-1 flight manual, it should be noted that actual performance figures for this amazing aircraft are still classified information. 

Three versions in the current download allow reproduction of the first aircraft with or without long nose boom (simply select appropriate livery). The fourth aircraft with large dorsal spine, B-1B-like tail and desert camouflage is designated B-1A#4.
Included in the download package is a full 26-page flight manual in pdf format. 
Personally, the instrument panel has given me the most satisfaction.
The B-1B version has also been modeled for X-Plane 9.22. 
This x-plane differs drastically from the B-1B included with the x-plane package. From the realistic instrument panel to the gentle curves of the fuselage object, this is a quite different aircraft altogether.http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/32671-rockwell-b-1-lancer/shapeimage_4_link_0

B-1A -two liveries

B-1A #4 - two liveries

B-1B - four liveries

more images of the B-1