my-planes aircraft are carefully researched, designed and modeled to look and perform according to the real flight manual.

Aircraft are available at

X-Plane flight simulator for Mac, PC and Linux by Austin Meyer and Laminar Research.

Many thanks to Jonathan Harris for his XPlane2Blender scripts and patient advice.



9.43 January 2010

Boeing 747-200F classic Freighters

9.55 July 2010

B-1A and B-1B

MARCH 2009 XP922 Free at


January 2010 XP9.41 Free at



November 2007

Aircraft for the X-Plane Flight Simulator

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Please note that all my-planes built for the X-Plane flight simulator are in the process of being updated to X-Plane 10.40.

Although many will work in X-Plane 10, some may not. TO be sure of the planes that will work properly in X-Plane 10, check regularly at for announcments.